Rafael Navarro

Rafael Navarro

Vineyard Technician

Viticulturalist and Winemaker. He consults for 3 wineries in the D.O.P. Utiel-Requena and is at the Forefront of viticulture in the region of Utiel-Requena, knowing how to combine modernity with the introduction of new varieties such as Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir and Petit Verdot, with tradition respecting the land and surroundings. His main objectives are in the search for quality, caring for the land and continuous innovation. He works in the vineyards every day and his hands on approach result in getting the best out of each variety, work that continues throughout the year.

Pablo Ossorio

Pablo Ossorio


Being winemaker for Hispano+Suizas is a personal commitment by Pablo, in addition with own oenological consultancy. Following his graduation, first in his year at the Escuela de Enología (Winemaking School) Requena, he worked in several wineries in Spain as well as in Italy and Argentina, where he could put into practice his academic studies and learn new winemaking techniques. This investigation continues to push him to study and improve every aspect of winemaking in order to make great wines. Among his many awards, the most notable are those of Best Winemaker in the Region of Valencia in 2008 and the The Winemaker with the best scores in Spain, in the Guía de la SEVI 2011. These awards together with his talent for communication allow him to spread the culture of wine in a didactic way.

Marc Grin

Marc Grin


Marc, who studied Publicity and Public Relations, is responsible for designing the corporate image of Bodegas Hispano+Suizas. He has always been involved in the world of wine and wineries, starting his career in exports at a large winery, Swiss owned, in Valencia. When the Hispano +Suizas project was being developed in 2006, Mark’s role involved a combination of working in the winery as well as focusing on the commercial side of the business together with his role of Area Manager for Bodegas Murviedro. Originally from the canton of Vaud, in the French speaking part of Switzerland, he is the Helvetian part of this project.

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In Bodegas Hispano+Suizas we use only the best grapes, selected and hand-picked in our vineyards and fermented all varieties in barrels of 400 litres temperature-controlled, looking for the ultimate expression of aromas and flavors.



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