Tantum Ergo Vintage

Sparking White Wine Tradional Method, D.O. Cava.

Grape variety
Chardonnay & Pinot (Blanc de Noir).

D.O.P. Cava. Continental climate with Mediterranean influences. Chalky-Clay Soils

75 cl

46,50 € / botella (IVA inc.)

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Tasting note

Colour: Lemon golden yellow.

Aroma: Very high intensity, with great complexity and elegance, with hints of fruit mature, dried fruit and a background of vanilla and butter.

Taste: Very creamy, full and elegant with splendid, final balanced acidity and very long passage through the mouth.


Guía Sevi 2019

Anuario de Vinos El País 2019

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Ideal with roast meats or chicken.

Serving Suggestions

Serve at 8°C.
Any light sediment that may be present is natural as we have tried to make this wine with the minimum filtration possible in order to maximize the quality.

Wine Making

We pick the best grapes from low yielding vines from our own vineyards
of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, which have just…

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Guía Sevi 2019

Anuario de Vinos El País 2019

Guía Intervinos 2019

Guía WineUp 2019

We pick the best grapes from low yielding vines from our own vineyards
of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, which have just 3.500 plants per hectare.
The grapes are collected in special boxes, each one weighing 15kg. We
only harvest in the morning in order to keep the grapes at an optimum
temperature until they reach the winery. Once at the winery, the full
boxes are placed in cold storage rooms for 3 days at a temperature of

The varieties are vinified separately and at the end of the fermentation
is done the coupage. The Chardonnay is stemmed and crushed,
we position all the pasta of grapes resulting in stainless steel with
refrigerant system to submit to the grape a pellicular maceration at cold
(8°C) for 36 hours.

Pinot Noir colouring very cold directly on the pneumatic press, making
a light pressing of no more than 0.5 bars for the white grape must. We
opted the grape juice that is extracted from the press 36 hours statically
and then only have to ferment clean of must part. The fermentation
takes place in new American oak casks of 400 litres unit capacity at a
temperature of 16°C.

Once fermentation is finished, it is kept on lees until his final filtration.
The second fermentation is done in bottle at a temperature of 16°C
constant to get a very slow fermentation which will give us the perfect integration of the endogenous Carbonic reflected in a very fine bubble in the glass.

The ageing and Lees is a minimum of 44 months and the disgorging is

Our brand

In Bodegas Hispano+Suizas we use only the best grapes, selected and hand-picked in our vineyards and fermented all varieties in barrels of 400 litres temperature-controlled, looking for the ultimate expression of aromas and flavors.



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