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Pink Natural Sweet Wine, D.O.P. Utiel-Requena. Attach

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D.O.P. Utiel-Requena (Requena). Continental climate with Mediterranean influences. Chalky-Clay Soils.


Pinot Noir.


We select the best grapes from strains of low production of our own old Pinot Noir vineyards. We over mature grapes in the vineyard to achieve more than 16°C. The grapes are collected in special boxes, each one weighing 15kg. We only harvest in the morning in order to keep the grapes at an optimum temperature until they reach the winery. Once at the winery, the full boxes are placed in cold storage rooms for 3 days at a temperature of -10°C. We remove grapes from the camera and directly press at -10°C to be able to focus the resulting wort to more than 23°Bé. We ferment the must concentrate at a temperature of 16°C for more than 40 days to get a stop of fermentation for temperature down to -2 °C, resulting in an alcohol of 13.5° and more than 100 g/l of natural residual sugar. Once fermentation is finished, it is kept on Lees until his final filtration.


Colour: Red orange pale.
Aroma: Aromatic intensity very high reminiscent of tropical fruit (pineapple) very ripe, with a milk fund of strawberries.
Taste: Shocking, heavy fruit matures on a background red strawberries, sweet sensation of caramel of strawberry with a good acidity.


Serve at 2°C. Any light sediment that may be present is natural as we have tried to make this wine with the minimum filtration possible in order to maximize the quality.

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